Gone, But Not Forgotten

This is living proof that hard work and dedication will get you remembered, even if you aren't necessarily the best at what you do.

Stan Frazier was one of the largest men to ever step into a professional wrestling ring. At 6’10”, and well over 400 pounds, he was truly an awesome sight. He was, naturally, bigger and slower than almost every other competitor out there, and yet he still had so very much to offer, which his contemporaries could not. PlowboyFrazier.com is tribute to the career of one VERY unusual sports figure -- a man who’s heart and appetite for life more than matched his girth.

The whole reason for this is to bring respect to a guy who really added a lot to the wrestling business. He was no Lou Thesz or Ric Flair, but the sport wasn't built up entirely by their types alone. He performed with diligence and sincerity -- that counts for something in this world. And, despite what most of his harshest (and might I add misinformed) critics have said about him, Frazier definitely could wrestle. He might have not fit the mold, but he definitely belonged in the business.

To the disenfranchised, as well as the legions of fans, stemming back to the very early 1960s, he was a true hero. Under the guise of Uncle Elmer in the World Wrestling Federation, he became one of the most famous wrestlers in the world, and was truly living out the American Dream, in his typically unorthodox way. Frazier was also a gentle soul, who had friends wherever he walked.

Now, I won’t candy coat things here – I know his matches were not always pristine displays of athleticism, and he competed much longer than his body wished him to. Some of his matches, especially in the last few years of his career, were very, very bad. Physically, there was very little left to offer at the end. But from the standpoint of entertainment, he never ceased to deliver. So many wrestlers continue to be popular, even though they are well beyond their prime. Hulk Hogan, Terry Funk, Jimmy Valiant, Bob Armstrong, Ric Flair and countless others remain popular draws in the business because they are true showmen. Stan Frazier was in that same category.

I'm currently in the process of overhauling the old girl. I'll update occasionally with the new information I can dig up, so it's always changing. You'll see all sorts of things, including programs and newspaper clippings, and the very first wrestling recipe page on the internet for your enjoyment. I'm trying very hard to bring you a comprehensive overview of Frazier's career, silly stuff and all. Please check back soon for all the things you can't find elsewhere on the internet.

I have been working on this site faithfully since 1998. It is truly a labor of love. The most gratifying thing to me is hearing from old fans, who are happy to see their old hero and friend paid tribute to. Through the help of countless fans, this site has grown substantially, and will continue to for many years to come.

I hope you enjoy.

-- Kurt Nielsen

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