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Is Uncle Elmer/Stan Frazier dead?
Yes he is. Stan Frazier had so many health problems, I can't even list them all. What eventually got him was his diabetes, as he did not control his weight. He died in 1992 of kidney failure, at age 54.

Does he still claim the WWF/WWE record of fastest pin ever?
No, that record is now held by Bret "Hitman" Hart, who beat The Mountie (Jaques Rougeau) in three seconds, though he technically attacked him before the bell and it shouldn't really count. This, too, was during a non-televised match, which may mean it doesn't really count in the WWF/WWE universe, as house show results often are disregarded by the plot lines.

The record, prior to Uncle Elmer, was nine seconds held by King Kong Bundy. In reality, the match was more like 30 seconds, but the "record" was used to further push Bundy as a monster. Elmer's six second match was actually more like nine.

Was his wedding real?
Absolutely. Stan was wanting to get married to his long-time sweetheart, Joyce Stazko, and Vince McMahon thought it would be a great way to push his character in the media. Of course, it made him one of the most recognized wrestlers of that time. I knew Joyce, personally, and I know this all as fact.

A lot of people wonder if it was legit because of the Roddy Piper run-in and Jesse Ventura's comments during the ceremony. Well, that was obviously added to further the angles between the wrestlers, but the wedding, itself, was very real.

Why did the WWF hire him when he didn't wrestle that well?
The WWF craved giants in the mid-80s. Stan was one of the biggest guys in the business, and not just some guy off the street, either: he had wrestled professionally since 1960 and had a very good reputation. Considering he was approaching 50 and in failing health, I think he did remarkably well in the ring. But it was like Andre the Giant of later years: he could only give so much. (Andre, if you recall, could barely even walk towards the end, yet he was still employable.)

Who were The Hillbillies? Were they related?
The Hillbillies were a group of wrestlers in the WWF comprised of Hillbilly Jim (Jim Morris), Uncle Elmer (Stan Frazier), Cousin Junior (Lanny Kean) and Cousin Luke (Gene Petit). They made their biggest mark in the tag team ranks. The group, founded by Jim and Elmer, lasted from 1985 until 1987, with Jim and Luke as its final members.

No, they were not related. Most of them knew one another from working the territories together (Memphis/CWA), but that's as far as their relationship went. Gene Petit was brought in by chance and, to my knowledge, didn't really know any of the boys.

How big was Uncle Elmer?
From what I understand, he was 6'10" tall and weighed between 400-460 pounds. He frequently lied about his size, like all big wrestlers do, to come off as being over seven feet tall. (Joyce used to swear to me up and down that he was 7'2", but I think her husband was just feeding her a line there.)

Stan Frazier was the same height as Andre the Giant.

Wasn't he...?
Stan Frazier wrestled under MANY names over the years. Some say he holds the record for most names/gimmicks used by a wrestler. To my knowledge, these are the ones he used (and there may be more!):

The Convict (California, southern United States & Japan)
Congorilla (California)
Big Tex (Georgia)
Tex Frazier (Georgia)
Cowboy Frazier (Florida)
Farmer Boy Frazier (Pacific Northwest)
Plowboy Frazier (southern United States)
Tiny Frazier (southern United States, Pacific Northwest)
Tiny the Plowboy (Mississippi)
The Pascagoula Plowboy (Mississippi, mostly)
The Country Plowboy (various regions)
The Lone Ranger (Tennessee)
The Giant Rebel (Tennessee)
Uncle Elmer (World Wrestling Federation)
Hillbilly Elmer (Tennessee)
Giant Hillbilly (Tennessee)
Lieutenant Frazier (Eddie Gilbertís Army, Tennessee)
Ed Younger (Florida)
A-Team #2 (Tennessee)
Playboy Frazier (Tennessee)
Giant Frazier (various regions)
Kamala II, the American Giant (Tennessee)

A few wrestlers he often gets mistaken for are Plowboy Pete, Man Mountain Mike and Haystack Calhoun. They are different people entirely.

What killed his push in the WWF?
It was actually a mutual agreement between Stan and the WWF. Stan was way too old to be a big-time wrestler in 1985. He was 48, full of injuries and health problems, and his body was working against him. The WWF milked him as long as they could because of his girth, but he simply could not handle the grind, and the WWF made no attempts to make his situation any easier. He simply wanted to be back home again.

Letting him go was the best thing that could have happened to Stan -- it certainly extended his life. Besides, the Hillbillies gimmick wasn't getting over as it once did.

Did Elmer/Stan ever face/team with Andre the Giant?
Andre and Elmer did team up a few times in 1985 to face Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy.

In late 1976 there was a "Battle of the Giants" at the Louisville Gardens, when "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd, Stan "Plowboy" Frazier & Jerry "The King" Lawler went against the team of "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, former pro football player Ron Mickolajczyk & Andre the Giant. It resulted in a no-contest. I'm sure Stan and Andre faced each other a few more times, but this is the only one I'm certain of. (It was reported in The Wrestler by none other than Jim Cornette!)

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